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About My Travelper

My Travelper LogoMy Travelper is a website founded in November 2018. My Travelper’s name came from three words. My, travel and helper thus My Travelper. It is an online blog that focuses on providing information and to provide cheap alternatives to its customer’s travel.

This website’s focus is to provide information all about traveling. How-to guides and the destinations to satisfy the people on their next vacation. After that, we provide a search engine wherein its customers can search for flights, cruise, hotels, attractions and car rentals to its viewers.

It is almost considered to be an all in one website for traveling, considering that everything from information to flights and hotels are incorporated within the same website.

Currently, My travelper is partnered with almost all airlines, travel agencies and more than 1 million hotels worldwide to serve its customers. and to always give them the best deals. The lowest price possible but the highest value.


The Mission of My Travelper is to give an all-in one reputable website for travel and tours. It will provide all the things to know in traveling, and to also provide the cheapest, valuable and top rated flights, hotels, cruise, attractions and car rentals to satisfy all their customer’s needs.


My Travelper’s vision is to be one of the most reputable travel website on information by the year 2020, it will also be one of the alternative by people in scanning flights for all of their travel needs. It would be achieved by creating quality and engaging content to its visitors.

Goal for the End of 2019

The goal of My Travelper by the end of 2019 is to have at least 30,000 visitors a month to its website. It will be achieved by constantly posting relevant content and information, to help people who are searching on the internet. This will ultimately will lead to a reputable website in the field of traveling.

Another goal of My Travelper is to have a fully functional mobile applications by the end of the year. This will be done by carefully planning, implementing and marketing the product once it is finished.



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