Best Places to Solo Travel in 2019[Check it Out]

What are the Best Places for Solo Travel

Best Places for Solo Travel

Are you a travel lover and want to hit the adventures of world alone? It is really the best ever idea to have a memorable youth for never ending experiences of life. We have researched and made a list of best places to travel alone in your 20s.  Travel is of course the best ever option to gather the moments for your life. Someone truly said that

“Life is a book, and if you didn’t travel you enjoyed only one page”

So, to enjoy every next page of your life, explore the world by traveling. But, make sure to select the places truly meant to adding to your positive experiences of life. For that, we may provide you a list of best places to travel to find yourself.

So to find the best travel destinations for solo travelers, we’ve researched the places that are perfect with security and enjoyment as our top priority.

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Rome
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Singapore
  5. Niagara Falls
  6. New York
  7. Melbourne
  8. Toronto, Canada

You can check more details on the following down below. It will surely get you excited to have that Romantic Getaway you’ve always wanted.

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Note: While travelling alone, keep in mind that all people are strangers to you. So, to eat, drink and wander with them may cause any inconvenience later, be active, alert and conscious of your surroundings.

Best Places to Travel for Solo Travelers

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Hong Kong


Hong Kong is from one of the best places to travel alone in Asia. Yes! Hong Kong is the part of China. This British-Chinese hybrid surprizes, its visitors with the unique combination of high towers and lush landscapes. The modern civilization is not to be confused with pollution or a noisy place because there’s more fresh air than most other sky-scraping countries. From sandy beaches to rugby pitches there is a cool breath with a full natural look. Hong Kong boasts numerous urban deviations, such as culinary hot spots and museums. Some never to miss places include:

  • Star Ferry
  • Victoria Peak
  • Street Markets


Hong Kong stood in the list of best places to travel solo in December too. Yes! The best time to visit Hong Kong is the last quarter of the year viz. October to December. Because in winters the temperature is normal and room rates are much reasonable. When the New Year starts, tourism suddenly picks up despite the lower temperature which consequently leads to higher hotel prices and more crowds.

The spring season is short in Hong Kong, still, it is the sweeter time to plan a visit. And summer remains a popular time for tourists but the weather can be stiflingly hot and humid at that time. If you want to have an affordable trip, avoid visiting Hong Kong in national holidays and conventions. Because the hotel prices and fare just suddenly get higher. You may get help from the city calendar for updates.

Language and shopping

Though Hong Kong reunited with China in 1997, still they have their own segregated laws and policies. Which makes its relation more complex with China. As they have a capitalist economy which is totally opposite to Chinese, they have their own currency the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). The western culture seems to be dominated in their landscapes, food choices and social practices so do their language. Their official languages are Chinese and English. One thing to be kept in mind is that the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is much weaker than the United States Dollar (USD).

Dine in

Hong Kong is the king of cuisines in all the famously nominated foodie hubs like Paris, Tokyo, and New York. A large number of approximately 12000 restaurants makes it easier to find a different food hub in every street in Hong Kong. You’ll find the city’s foodie scene caters to all kinds of budgets without skimping on quality.

The Chinese-western combo dishes includes a list which you should try during the trip:

  • Dim sum
  • Chinese barbeque
  • Stir-fries
  • Congee
  • Soy-sauce Western

Moreover, you will find a large variety in sea-food cooked in almost every fashion like stir-fried, steamed, baked and deep-fried.


The most wanted way to hang out in Hong Kong is definitely on your own two feet, to explore the adventures at full. But, surely you could travel so long, so the better option is to use a combination of Mass Transit Railway (MTR) and on feet. It would be an ideal choice for your budget and fun optimization. If you take a bus or minibus, you have to talk to them in their local languages, which causes a lot of difficulties. You may even miss the places, you intended to visit.



Rome, famed for its inspiring fashion, beautiful people, delicious food and romance, is truly a fabulous destination that will indulge all your five senses. As a female solo traveller, walking around this vibrant Italian city will let you feel empowered and fully present. And, there are a lot of cool and exciting things to do in Rome for female solo travellers, too. Here, you can visualize the Roman Empire, in its full glory, by visiting the city’s awe-inspiring ancient sites, such as the Pantheon, Roman Forum and Coliseum. Rome is the capital of Italy and deservingly nominated as one of the world’s most romantic and inspiring cities. Rome is undoubtedly one of the world’s most romantic cities. With its grand monuments, beautiful fountains, resplendent piazzas, and cobblestoned streets, it has the topmost hysterical architecture. The monuments all lit up are breathtakingly beautiful and the city just basks in this magical glow.

If you are searching for romantic getaways near you to have idealistic vacations out with your loveliest better half, Rome is definitely the best choice. You will find here

  • The Spanish Steps
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Tiber River
  • Ponte Milvio
  • La Pergola
  • Passeggiata
  • Castel sant’angelo national museum

As the legend of making wishes come true and the perfect sites to steal a kiss of your loveliest special one. The moonlights in Rome are so dreamy with breath-taking views and sights.

Dine in

You must be finding the best tourist resorts in Rome to have a safe stay during your vacations. Whether you are a newlywed or going with your family privacy is everything you need. And we researched and made a list of hotels which are in your budget range and very suitable to live in. some of the very classy yet affordable hotels are:

  • Hotel Raffaello
  • Hotel Re di Roma
  • Hotel Ascot
  • Hotel Milo
  • Hotel Torino


If travel is not the only dream and you want to gift your love the expensive gifts of their choice (which is the true key for romantic vacations with your partner 😉 Rome has it all for you. For the brand conscious and classy people, Rome has very high standard brands like

  • Armani
  • Gucci
  • Hermes
  • Prada

Rome is compatible with all of your tastes and dreams. If your budget is low, it has the updated and stylish stuff in affordable price line.


Driving yourself within Rome is not at all advisable. If you have been rented a car, you better return it back because you may face less parking and restricted zones for cars. We better recommend you to choose metro and then by walking on your feet. It would help to enjoy every single moment, holding hands of each other will make it even more romantic, trust me!

Musical nights

As, you are going to travel alone, you may enjoy the musical nights too amazingly. But if you are a female solo traveller, you must take care of yourself and be choosy in getting attach to some strangers. The best way to avoid any inconvenience s to be active, highly alert and conscious about surroundings.

During July and August parks and gardens around Rome host musical evenings catering to all tastes. Whether you’d rather listen to Verdi at the Baths of Caracalla, pop concerts on a tennis court, or free classical concerts in piazzas, Rome is packed with events every night.



Amsterdam, revered as one of the best places to travel alone in Europe, is a vibrant, friendly and safe city that has a lot to offer to female solo travellers. Known colloquially as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam enthrals solo travellers with its gorgeous canals, globally renowned museums, lovely bridges and stunning architecture.

People talk much about Amsterdam, stereotypically. But when you visit Amsterdam and probably having a delicious Indonesian meal, enjoying a twilight canal-side rambling or doing a shopping tour through the boutiques of Nine Little Streets; you’ll finally realize that there is much more in Amsterdam than you could ever imagine. Amsterdam is suitable for a variety of traveller taste, if you are a young guy having excitement to run a bike along the maze canals or if you are a newlywed couple to have romantic evenings. It is the best choice for the Youngman to visit a historical place within the light of some historical writer. The official currency of Amsterdam is the euro.

You would definitely the best experience with these never to miss places in Amsterdam

  • Maze of canals
  • House of Anne Frank
  • Swirling Expressionism of Vincent van Gogh
  • Relaxing in the expansive Vondel park
  • Verzets museum


The best time to visit Amsterdam is exactly before or right after the summertime high which means from April to May or September to November. This is the time you will have to a faceless crowd of tourists in the travel, hotels or resorts. This is the best time to enjoy if you are too sensitive for severe weather conditions because the temperature stays mild. Still, if you don’t mind the coolest weather you should plan a winter vacation. So, you may enjoy lower hotel rates and short crowds at the city’s top visiting points. No matter what time of year you plan to visit, you’ll find the city full of joy and festivals. As, they have a jam-packed social events schedule, like more than 300 festivals a year.


Amsterdammers usually speak Dutch but they know English too. But you better learn some basics in Dutch because it might be problematic to expect them to talk in English. Don’t ever dare to ask them, if they know English? As, you are planning a solo tour, Just learn some phrases to get help in case of trouble. Like

  • hallo for “hello”
  • dank u for “thank you”

Dine In

Amsterdam is filled with many national and international brands of foods to make our tour fully auspicious ever. They have a variety of cuisines that could water your mouth in a single glance. Like the Dutch Pancakes topped with blueberries, Rice Tables and Raw herring are some must-try dishes with their special restaurants like

  • Restaurant Blauw
  • Sampurna
  • Restaurant Jun

And if you want something cheaper and have to take a go to travel like eating thing you must visit De Pijp, the cheaper yet delicious place in Amsterdam.


As always, visitors should use common sense when traveling and watch out for pickpockets on public transportation or in and around heavily touristic attractions.

Safety in Amsterdam is a little bit hard issue because the Netherlands government is much careless about the prostitution in the Red Light District and the use of marijuana at coffee shops. So, the travelers must do care themselves for their own safety and security. The women tourist especially do care to visit the Red Light District in the evening because it is the peak time of some rowdy guys to wander those streets. This might cause you big trouble in the tour, so, it is better to know the local rules and regulations of the city before doing a visit.



The Asian country but European mix culture is really unique in its own way to give you the modern and fascinating sensations of the big city. The pretty thing is that the modernity didn’t hurt its natural beauty. The city has a high infrastructure yet green enough to give you a peaceful look. People blame Singapore for being notoriously expensive but the island really worth to be so. Isn’t it much prettier to have the expert architecture without losing the splendour of landscape?

No list of the best places to travel alone for women is complete without the inclusion of Singapore. Friendly, safe and supremely clean, this Southeast Asian hub enraptures female solo travellers with its incredible shopping opportunities, mouth-watering cuisines, and mash-up of cultures.

Singapore is full of wide places to give you a never-ending entertainment ever. That you can never enjoy all its beauty even in several months, so, it can be said that only one trip to Singapore is never enough to enjoy it completely. There are many things which are even missing in the guidebooks which you still need to explore. The cuisine café and museums in Singapore are unforgettable. In addition to sustaining considerable ethnic reserves like Little India and Chinatown Singapore has a golden shade of British culture too.

Some never to miss places include:

  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Marina Bay

Singaporeans are too proud of the gift they have got and featured with but the monumental skyline is a witness that they have not forgotten about their past or the importance of their natural surroundings. This tiny nation with its massive city embodies a multicultural aggregation in the most unique style.

Language and Culture

Never confuse Singapore with just a shopping mall or supermarket block. Because it is the most versatile cultured country in Asia. You’ll find ample green space and an impressive system of elevated biking and walking trails interconnecting city parks. The city has a pleasant vibe, lively Indian and Chinese cultures speak good English, and is pleasant enough just to wander. The typical Singaporeans know only two languages viz. English and their mother language.

The rules and principles are too strict to be followed by a stranger or tourist, that’s why they often get fined for rule breaking. That might be a reason for tourists fear but we suggest you take a view of their rulebook before planning a tour. That is the reason that Singapore stood at top of the list in best solo travel destinations in the world. Singapore is a modern-yet-green city which really worth your visit for the food, shopping, civilization, and cultural experiences.


The official currency of Singapore is the Singaporean Dollar (SGD) which in no more than just ¾ of the US Dollar. Never try to give a tip there, as tipping is not a customary practice in Singapore. There is a system of 10% service charge at most hotels and restaurants.

Dine in

Singapore’s cultural cuisine displays a quite heterogeneous dining scene. Though Asian culture is dominant, you may also enjoy the Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes during your stay at the island. For cheap and delicious eats of vendors you should visit the

  • Chinatown
  • Little India
  • Hawker centre

Chicken rice is one of the country’s signature dishes. But how we can forget about the seafood cuisine, which includes Chili crab soaked in a tangy sauce made up of tomatoes, chili paste and beaten eggs. The native dish of Singapore is fish head curry, additionally featured with Indian ingredients and Chinese delicacies. Hokkien has mee, or Fujian prawn noodles, a noodle soup made with dried shrimp and topped with prawns, fishcake and cockles are some exceptional seafood dishes. Some special dishes to try in Singapore are

  • Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
  • Jin Hua’s Cantonese-style fish bee hoon soup
  • Maxwell Fuzhou’s oyster cakes
  • Tiong Bahru Market specifically for breakfast
  • Satay by the Bay for Malay-style grilled meats


The best and most convenient way to travel in Singapore is via its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system, which includes train lines and bus routes that can get you just about anywhere on the island. Try to avoid car rental because parking is expensive and traffic can be painful. If you want to enjoy the island at its fullest, you must go for a walk with your tour companions.

Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls stood first in the list of safest places to travel alone in the US. It is the best place to experience the natural wonder of the world, explore acres of pristine hiking trails and scenic terrain, immerse yourself in outdoor adventure and taste the simple goodness of orchards and award-winning wineries.

Niagara Falls are three massive waterfalls that form the border between Canada and the United States. The falls are located on the Niagara River between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The falls were formed at the end of the last ice age when the water from the Great Lakes broke through the Niagara Escarpment on the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The falls are a hugely popular tourist destination and have attracted honeymooners, families, and daredevils of all kinds, from those who went down the falls in a barrel to those who stretched a wire over the falls and walked across it. The falls have inspired hundreds of artists to create wonderful art and are still inspiring the millions of people who come to admire the majesty of nature as well as its power and its magnificent beauty.

Never get confused that the beauty is just for the honeymooners, or newlywed couples, Niagara has all the adventures to entertain your solo trips. There are plenty of attractions in Niagara Falls USA, it is the best choice if you are traveling alone or with friends. These Niagara Falls attractions are sure to give you a never-ending adventure. Some never to miss attractions in Niagara include

  • Maid of the mist
  • Niagara parks botanical gardens
  • Butterfly Conservatory
  • Old Fort Niagara
  • Las Vegas show
  • Imax Niagara falls
  • Niagara gorge hiking
  • Niagara tower hotel

Dine in

You’ll find plenty of chain restaurants clustered around the falls. You may have any type of environment from casual hot-spots to fine dining and romantic eateries to cafes and pubs.

You may choose anything from the wide variety according to your modes and desires. But if you’re on the hunt for a unique meal that shows off the region’s flavours, you won’t be disappointed after having a meal at their restaurants or cafes.

If you like to have simple, local yet delicious feasts try these restaurants.

  • Weinkeller
  • Tide & Vine
  • Piccadilly Restaurant

Along with fish and chips, you’ll notice many of the Canadian restaurants having a blend of UK cuisines.

If you like to have a full homey environment, Queen Charlotte Tea Room is definitely the best choice. This family-owned outpost is beloved for its hospitable staff and menu of English classics, including bangers and mash, coronation chicken and high tea.

If you are worried about where to stay in Niagara? We just rolled it up here. You will find Niagara Falls USA hotels to be the most accommodating. From luxury suites to quaint bed and breakfasts, there is a wide range of places to stay in Niagara Falls USA. Best hotels

  • Harbour House Hotel
  • Prince of Wales
  • Pillar and Post


The natural beauty of Niagara doesn’t bound it to just beauty, the shopping experience in Niagara falls is never less than any European country. The region offers many shopping venues from small boutiques, a designer fashion outlet mall, farmers markets, and antique shops. Niagara Falls shopping options are sure to please any avid shopper with an immense variety of outlets.


The best way to get around Niagara Falls is on foot. Walking around the area is really easy. Even getting across the United States to Canada border is only a 20-minute walk across the Rainbow Bridge.


The best time to visit Niagara Falls is from June to August. Summer is peak season, and with good reason: Average highs rest in the low 80s. Mists and breezes from the waterfalls can make the area feel cooler.

You’ll spend more money and face more crowds, but visiting in summer will allow you to take full advantage of the weather and attractions. Plus, the free Discover Niagara Shuttle is in full operation during the summer season, making it easy to get from one attraction to another. Spring and fall welcome fewer tourists thanks to the plummeting temps, but there are a few advantages to each season.

New York


Looking for amazing places to travel alone in America? Explore the Big Apple’s outer boroughs and the streets of Manhattan with no arguments over which iconic landmark, cutting-edge gallery and world-famous museum to visit. If you are not as bold as Carrie Bradshaw, and you don’t like to dine in a restaurant alone, there are tons of gourmet food markets to eat in NYC. You may also go rollerblading in Central Park, take a sightseeing cruise on the Hudson, people watch in Times Square, or browse a Brooklyn flea market.

Places to visit in New York

  • The Metropolitan Museum
  • American Museum of Natural
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Central Park
  • The Frick Collection
  • Hudson
  • Lake Placid

Dine in

The cuisine of New York City comprises many cuisines belonging to various ethnic groups that have entered the United States through the city. Almost all ethnic cuisines are well represented in New York City. It is the first city to start New York Restaurant Week which has spread around the world due to the discounted prices.

  • Ace hotel
  • YOTEL New York
  • Roger Smith Hotel
  • Soho Grand Hotel
  • Arthouse Hotel
  • New York Hilton Midtown



Headed to the “Land Down Under”? Praised for its live music, award-winning food and artistic culture, Melbourne is by far one of the best places to travel alone in Australia for females. Labelled as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne dazzles and appeases solo female travellers with verdant gardens, large parks, theatres, galleries, museums, extensive shopping and Victorian-era architecture. As an added plus, Melbourne can serve as a base for exploring other awesome places to visit in Australia, like

  • Philip Island
  • The Great Ocean Road
  • Grampians National Park


Melbourne is also one of the safest places to travel alone for women. As a matter of fact, you can even walk around there at night on your own. In addition, Australia is an English-speaking country, meaning it is easy for solo travelers to get around and navigate in Melbourne. If you ever need help, you may ask anyone walking by, and they will be happy to assist you.

Toronto, Canada

8. Toronto, Canada

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s north-western shore. Canada’s largest city, Toronto is a true multicultural hive. From the Chinatown district to the Little Italy district, Toronto is brimming with fascinating food, breath-taking sites and a deep cultural heritage.

Looking for a best place for solo travel this year? Look no further than Canada’s dynamic metropolis, Toronto! More than just a safe haven for solo traveller, Toronto is also teeming with striking sights, wonders and intriguing spots, including CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Casa Loma and many more. Toronto is the ideal place to visit for solo travelers. If you plan a visit to Toronto, you must visit some places like

  • Niagara falls tour
  • CN Tower
  • Hockey Hall
  • Royal Ontario Museums
  • Ice hockey show
  • Hungary Thai Bar & Eatery
  • Casa Loma
  • The Toronto Zoo
  • Ripley’s Aquarium
  • Walk on air

Toronto stood at number 8th in safest countries list in 2015’s Economist Intelligence Unit survey.

Dine in

One of the best ways to connect with any culture is via food. First Nations food in Canada, includes locally sourced ingredients, such as elk, bison, maple, and salmon, as well as foods that grew out of interactions with traders and settlers, including bannock, a type of bread. Recent interest in defining a true Canadian cuisine has seen a small number of restaurants cropping up to offer Canadian aboriginal dishes. Some must try dishes are

  • Tea N Bannock
  • Boralia
  • NishDish Merketeria


The best time to plan a solo trip to Toronto is from May to October, if you really need to enjoy. Because the weather conditions are mild, otherwise winters can be too cold. So, you might get stuck in your hotel room in fear of getting sick or cold diseases.


The currency in the capital of Canada is obviously, Canadian Dollar (CAD) and mostly speaking language is English. Though Canada is expensive one, but you may have a large variety of brands for fashion, outlets, cosmetics, shoe and décor etc. we may say that their quality really worth the cost the asked to pay for. St. Lawrence Market is the best place too visit for window shopping in Toronto.

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