Best Travel Destinations in Europe for 2019

What are the Best Travel Destinations in Europe

Best Travel Destinations in Europe

We ever hear about traveling to Europe for having the most memorable tour of our life. We may explain to you why you must choose to travel to Europe this year. Traveling to Europe is more fun all year round. The must-see places in Europe are all enlisted here with their specialties. Europe has a long list of countries to be at your next travel destination like England, France, Italy, Rome, Turkey, and Germany.

The best travel destinations in Europe to try this year are Paris, London, Florence, Amsterdam, Athens and Istanbul. All of these are great choice for your next travels. These are by far the best and you can find out what you can do on each on them with the description below.

All of these European countries are full of vibrant cities which are known for their museums, restaurants, nightlife, and architecture. All are so pretty and dreamy. So it could be a difficult decision for you to decide that which one to visit first. But don’t worry we made it easy for you to compare the beauty package of every country and created a list of the best places to visit in Europe. So you may better choose the destination according to your taste.

Best Travel Destinations in Europe

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1.    PARIS


Paris is on the top of the list for best European cities to visit in winter, as it has all the beauty in its architecture, lights, views, and sceneries you can ever imagine. If you are planning a trip to Europe make it your first priority for a never-ending joy. This highly charming place can amuse a lot to make it the best ever collection of your lovely moments of life.

The “City of Lights” is so amiable to attract millions of visitors every year and why not? The beauty with peace is an utmost desire of every single human being on the earth and Paris is bursting with this feature. It has all the sceneries you need to make a jam-packed happiest tour like peaceful environment, natural views, perfect dines, the long silent pathways, highly captivating architecture and full of lights night views.

Never missing places:

  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Champs Élysées
  • Le Marais
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Versailles Palace

The gentle River the Seine rambles through the city, lined by majestic museums, ancient churches, hunks of Rococo, classical architecture which is just fantastically enhanced by cascading trees and glowing street lamps. Isn’t it just seems like some fairy-tale view? You could have been imagining in your childhood. Right? But it’s time to make your dreams come true with an actual trip planned to Paris.

The divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve to be visited when you finally have a trip to Paris. The sprinkling paved walks and graceful bridges are much elegant the Parisians must be proud about.

o   When

If you are planning to visit Paris, winter is the best season because summer is a more crowded and the most expensive time to visit Paris. From June to August the weather in Paris is just about perfect. But you must keep in mind that Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, having more or less 30 million travelers per year. So there will always be tourists and crowds.

o   Tricks to know

Parisians know English but you may add more flavor to your tour by doing a little homework before he tour to Paris. Just learn some basic phrases to communicate with them more friendlily and get a chance to have discounted offers too. Here is a list of common phrases:

  • To say hello    “bonjour”
  • Good evening    “Bonsoir”
  • Thank You    “Merci”
  • Please        “s’il vous plaît”
  • Can you help me?    “Pouvez-vous m’aider?”
  • Do you speak English? “Parlez-vous Anglais?”
  • Excuse me         “Excusez-moi”


o   Dine in

Paris offers a number of restaurants that serve up everything from Asian fusion dishes to nouveaux bistro fare. And because France invented a widely adopted style of cooking it can serve you any taste of your choice. No matter where you choose to dine, you should try some most delicious dishes

  • French onion soup    soupe à l’oignon gratinée
  • Grilled cheese and ham sandwich    croque-monsieur
  • Steak and French fries    steak frites
  • Seasoned scallops topped    coquilles St-Jacques

In desserts

  • Chocolate croissants    pain au chocolat
  • Large puff pastries filled with vanilla cream    puits d’amours
  • Fixins’ range from Nutella to bananas and berries    crêpes
  • Coffee with cream    café crème

o   Security

Paris is much safer than many other tourist resorts, though you should be very cautious of pickpockets but especially on the metro and around the most popular tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.



Life in London is full of energetic vibes all around the city. It is considered at the top of most visited cities in Europe. It is usually discussed among tourists that one visit is never enough to experience everything in this amazing old city.

Never miss the outstanding places in London like:

  • The British Museum
    • Churchill War Rooms
    • St. James’s Park
    • Tower of London
    • Buckingham Palace

o   When

The best time to visit London is 2nd quarter of the year, when the temperature moves around 20˚ and the trees are at full blossom. It is the beautiful time of the year as the atmosphere stays fair, clean and peaceful with all the pathways, parks and walking spots covered with green.

But, it naturally depends upon your mode and choice as the London city has complete versatility for all type of tourists. If you want to enjoy the hot summer with a late spring it is the prime tourist season but it is the time when you will have to face high prices for flights fare and hotel deals. Anyhow, we just inform you, you may choose according to your budget and choice.

The best time to visit London which we recommend is fall. Because the attractiveness of London is at full of its peak having snowfall on various sites. Moreover, it is the time you can enjoy the cheapest airfare and hotel accommodations as compared to all other months.

Do you know? December in London is the most incredible time ever, that’s why the streets of the city are seen fully crowded with international tourists.

But expect a rain even on sunny days too, as London is globally known for the foggy and wet days all around the year. Still, keep in mind that you will have to face a large crowd of tourists all over the days. So, be prepared to face the most populous tour place ever.

o   Culture

London is rich with royal cultural leftovers and sometimes seem to be so strict about their rules and taboos like you have to stand to the right when going up or down on stairs or escalators. But the people are quite cooperative and courteous, so never get afraid of asking them about any direction if you lost. The best thing is that you may communicate with them in English, as aside from some certain phrases and words the people of London use English as their official language.

o   Shopping

London is a well-known fashion capital of the world, though you will see the majority of them wearing. Still, it can’t be denied that London is specialized in fashion stocks and trends, especially Oxford Street where many fashion houses and publications are located. If you want to be looked extraordinary in a fashion walk or even in your own-style London is an amazing place.

To shop in London the official currency is British pound and if you are planning a tour, must check for the exchange rates to know your actual disposable budget in London. Remember that people of London like to have tips in restaurants, bars, cabs or even in cafés. So, if you want them to be friendly and more cooperative don’t forget to do the little bit extra for them.

o   Dine in

When it is about food, restaurants or the tourist resorts. London is fully enriched with specialized architecture and taste to make you feel really special. When you visit, don’t miss to dine in special places like:

  • Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
  • Brasserie-style Sketch
  • The Attendant Cafe
  • Sushi Samba
  • Duck & Waffle

Pub culture is vast in the U.K as you can find the traditional British dishes in different price range in pubs than you could ever imagine in their high-class hotels and restaurants. If you want to enjoy a high variety of British dishes and drinks within a price range, you should grab the deals from pubs. There are a variety of flavors and brands available from traditional Managers or Strongbow ciders to those that are pear and strawberry flavors. Many pubs also serve meals24 hours of the day.

If you’re on a short time tour and can’t manage to visit restaurants or wander for the perfect deal in pubs, you must try the Pasties. Which usually the pastries packed with meat, potatoes or some vegetables. Further, these pasties are much affordable and could find very easily at train stations in London, such as Waterloo, King’s Cross and Victoria stations.

o   Security

London is a safe city for the tourists if they follow the usual safety tips. As the U.S. State Department advises tourists to only use London’s licensed black cabs. If you chose to travel in any unlicensed cab or private taxi it is your own fault. Because, it is common in London to get rip off, mug, or even sexually harassed by the unlicensed company cars and private cars posing as the taxi. If you don’t have contact with the Taxi Company the hotels can help you to arrange transportation.

The U.S. State Department also strongly advises visitors to keep an eye on their drinks in bars or cafés because there have been occurred in many cases of robbery and rape after drinking mixed with illegal ingredients.



If you are fond of the ancient style buildings with very classy looks in their architecture the Florence has all of these. People often quote for Florence as,

If it weren’t for the fashionable Italians and stylish shops lining Via Tornabuoni you might think you had traveled back in time to the 14th century.

People who liked the heart-catching sunsets are warmly invited to visit Florence at least once in their life. As Florence is famous for its gorgeous sunsets and its unbeatable romantic charm. Some never missing special places in Florence are:

  • This little city
  • tucked amid
  • the Tuscan hills
  • Uffizi

o   When

The best time to visit Florence is the 3rd quarter of the year when the warm weather escorts in art festivals to give you a full artistic look of the city. You will definitely enjoy the open-air dining and the kind of Italian sunshine that actually inspired the Renaissance painters to make a masterpiece.

But unfortunately, this season brings red-hot weather with huge tourist crowds and high hotel rates. So, if your budget is low you may choose the fall to enjoy lower room rates and much shorter lines at the tourist resorts.

o   Dine in

Florence is not only famous for its famous art but their Italian cooking has also a wide market. The simple yet delicious cuisine has a flavor to give you a different feel of zest for food. If the restaurants get higher prices for their meals, you can choose to cook the meal for yourself having they’re ready to cook items with equally delicious tastes. One of their specialty in cuisine is to use olive oil is an important ingredient in almost every dish. Tuscan cuisine is an example of zest with simplicity. Hearty pasta flavored only with a few ingredients are so rich in taste and multi-faceted. Fish and meats are also well-represented in the Tuscan repertoire.

You could never live without praising their

  • Pitti Gola e Cantina
  • Ostara Del Cinghiale Bianco, near the Boboli Gardens.
  • Ristorante La Giostra ( the most romantic place to dine in)

o   Security

Exercising caution and keeping an eye on your purse or wallet will help keep pickpockets away. Because being in Florence, your greatest safety concern will be pickpockets. The more you care, the safer your trip will be.



People talk much about Amsterdam, stereotypically. But when you visit Amsterdam and probably having a delicious Indonesian meal, enjoying a twilight canal-side rambling or doing a shopping tour through the boutiques of Nine Little Streets; you’ll finally realize that there is much more in Amsterdam than you could ever imagine. Amsterdam is suitable for a variety of traveler taste, if you are a young guy having excitement to run a bike along the maze canals or if you are a newlywed couple to have romantic evenings. It is the best choice for the Youngman to visit a historical place within the light of some historical writer. The official currency of Amsterdam is the euro.

You would definitely the best experience with these never to miss places in Amsterdam

  • Biking along a maze of canals
  • Viewing the Holocaust through the eyes of Anne Frank
  • Swirling Expressionism of Vincent van Gogh
  • Relaxing in the expansive Vondelpark,
  • Verzetsmuseum (Dutch Resistance Museum)

o   When

The best time to visit Amsterdam is exactly before or right after the summertime high which means from April to May or September to November. This is the time you will have to a faceless crowd of tourists in the travel, hotels or resorts. This is the best time to enjoy if you are too sensitive for severe weather conditions because the temperature stays mild. Still, if you don’t mind the coolest weather you should plan a winter vacation. So, you may enjoy lower hotel rates and short crowds at the city’s top visiting points. No matter what time of year you plan to visit, you’ll find the city full of joy and festivals. As, they have a jam-packed social events schedule, like more than 300 festivals a year.

o   Language

Amsterdammers usually speak Dutch but they know English too. But you better learn some basics in Dutch because it might be problematic to expect them to talk in English. Don’t ever dare to ask them if they know English. Just learn some phrases to be frank with them like:

  • hallo for “hello”
  • dank u for “thank you”

o   Dine In

Amsterdam is filled with many national and international brands of foods to make our tour fully auspicious ever. They have a variety of cuisines that could water your mouth in a single glance. Like the Dutch Pancakes topped with blueberries, Rice Tables (Indonesian rijsttafel) and Raw herring are some must-try dishes with their special restaurants like

  • Restaurant Blauw
  • Sampurna
  • Restaurant Jun

And if you want something cheaper and have to take a go to travel like eating thing you must visit De Pijp, the cheaper yet delicious place in Amsterda.

o   Security

As always, visitors should use common sense when traveling and watch out for pickpockets on public transportation or in and around heavily touristic attractions.

Safety in Amsterdam is a little bit hard issue because the Netherlands government is much careless about the prostitution in the Red Light District and the use of marijuana at coffee shops. So, the travelers must do care themselves for their own safety and security. The women tourist especially do care to visit the Red Light District in the evening because it is the peak time of some rowdy guys to wander those streets. This might cause you big trouble in the tour, so, it is better to know the local rules and regulations of the city before doing a visit.



Athens has all the beauty of historical views, which a writer or pot could ever imagine in their stories and poems. No city can beat Athens for the beautiful moments of sunrise on the Acropolis. Which displays an artistic view of the beauty with mystery.

Athens know the power of calmness and relaxation to make their lives feel stronger and peaceful. Their days do not run very hastily like other cities but they possess a glory of tranquillity in their nature. Their nights are also not like the nights of others, you will experience full adventure nights in Athens. Like, the aroma of spicy dishes, music beats rise from nearby clubs and the dance swings at various rock stages. The Omonia Square suddenly lit up with the glorious sparkles.

Some never to miss places in Athens include:

  • Acropolis Museum
  • Plaka
  • Parthenon

o   When

If you want to fully enjoy the sunrise and sunset’s historical beauty of Athens. It is the time from March to May and then, from September to November. It is the best time of spring and fall when the weather is so courteous to make you feel comfortably delightful. These are the best period to enjoy at peak with fewer crowds and cheaper hotel rates. If you like to have a tour in winter, it is pretty in own sense within December to February. Winters are relatively mild and less harsh than other European countries, due to Greece’s location. Just avoid visiting in summer, because it might be a little inconvenient to bear the sizzling hot weather in Athens.

o   Language and dress

The only hurdle you will face while having a tour to Athens is language. As Athens use Greek as their official language so you wouldn’t get any person talking in English. No other option, you better take some Greek to English dictionary with you or have some language classes before planning the visit. A better idea is to know their gestures for a convenient body language, which are usually different than Americans. Like, they nod downward for Yes and upward for No. Never use a thumb or index finger, it might cause your relation with Athens in danger!

o   Dine In

If you are fond of differently tasted delicious food varieties, Athens is not that bad to dine in. They have all the traditional and new food items on their menu. But the thing matters more is which place you chose to enjoy the meal at full. The traditional dishes of Athens are:

  • Moussaka (lamb and eggplant in a bechamel sauce)
  • Souvlaki (skewered and grilled lamb, pork or goat wrapped in pita and commonly topped with lettuce, tomato and a yogurt-based sauce called tzatziki)
  • Baklava (crushed nuts and honey in phyllo dough).

Which you may enjoy at places like:

  • Lithos
  • Plaka
  • Funky Gourmet
  • GB Roof Garden.
  • Psaras Traditional Restaurant

If you are in search of peace and comfort, we will suggest you have a meal away from the trash of crowds in Koukaki, Mets or Pangrati. But remember that Athenians never din for dinner before 9 p.m. so, the maximal zest can be found after 10 at night.

o   Security

Tourists are ever in the eye of pickpockets and you might be the next target of them. So, to have a safe and sound trip you should follow the safety measures. Like, you may leave the very expensive items in your hotel or the residence in Athens. Moreover, Ethnical-oriented harassment is very common there especially at night in Omonia and Exarchia, so, it would be a better choice to leave these places before the sunset or at least before the dusk.

May 1, November 17 and December 6 are the special dates of their political history to bear most violence in the history. So, you better stay away from crowds on these days.



Istanbul is much more important in the history for its cultural and religious heritage, which is a mixture of Asia and Europe. It is the state, plays the role of a bridge between Europe and Asia. You may call it the tangent point of East and West. This city is rich with cultural and architectural masterpieces, providing you a prestigious history with many monuments to cherish. Not just the cultural heritage and architecture is unique but the natural beauty is also an exceptional quality of Istanbul.

You will find a very exceptional mixture of two cultures, like the funky bazaar in front of a decent type of shopping mall. Doesn’t it look cool to be in Oxford and a kindergarten at the same time? The mosques inlined with the churches give a full-fledged lesson of humanity. Do you know? The river running with the long bridge divides not just two cities but two continents. The Bosphorus, a narrow strait, cuts the city in two and connects the Sea of Marmara in the south to the Black Sea in the north. The natural landscape is also impressive from the blue waters, visitors will see a skyline of domes, steeples and modern towers. The days in Istanbul are quite busy, interesting yet peaceful. But as the evening begins, you’ll see that Istanbul show its traditional front to reveal a thriving nightlife. At the intersection of civilizations and continents for centuries, Istanbul surprises visitors with its fast pace, its ancient history, and its present culture.

When you visit Istanbul, never miss the special Turkish treat of the street –döner-, Istanbul’s version of fast food.

o   When

Istanbul looks quite peaceful at a sight but it is said that its weather is unbelievably muddled.

The best times to visit Istanbul are from March to May and between September and November. That’s when crowds at the city’s attractions are manageable, room rates are average and daytime temperatures generally sit in the 60 and 70 F˚.

June, July, and August are the high tourist seasons that why the hotel rents and airfare are quite high. Because Istanbul is one of the places to visit in Europe in summer. Then, December through February are the cheapest months to visit, but Istanbul’s rainy, snowy and chilly conditions make you prepared for the uncertain conditions. So, you better have a cold weather attire and grab an umbrella during your stay in Istanbul.

o   Language and religion

Turkey is a secular state but their predominant religion is Islam. The practicing Muslims who live there, pray five times a day. During the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Many travelers have titled them as a conservative state, it might be in comparison with other European countries. Further, their official language is Turkish.

o   Shopping

Finally, the official currency here is the Turkish lira. But at some places, you may also get transaction in dollars and euros. But, it is good to use Turkish lira then to facing any trouble of exchange difficulties.

o   Dine in

Turkish cuisine can be described as a fusion of Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean flavors. A wide variety of dining establishments can be found in Istanbul. Like the high-end restaurants by elite type of chefs and chaotic meyhanes type of traditional restaurants and bars in Turkey.

In Istanbul in particular, kebabs and mezes (small, tapas-like plates) are well-known and popular. Dishes are generally heavy on meats, beans, fresh vegetables, and nuts. Yogurt is also a main component of much Turkish cuisine and can usually be found as a companion to many meat entrees and pieces of bread.

Street food, including döner and limit, is also very popular among residents and out-of-town visitors. Turkish coffee will keep you going strong for all of the sightseeing, and for dessert, try some Turkish delight candies.

If you like to drink, visiting Istanbul, never forget to try the raki. The national licorice-flavored drink which is served with a glass of chilled water. It will make a color like milky white, giving the drink its nickname, Aslan sütü i.e. lion’s milk.

o   Security

Suicide bombings, shootings and other acts of terror have been carried out throughout Turkey in the last few years. An anti-American sentiment is on the rise in the country, and terrorist organizations regularly target foreigners for kidnappings and assassinations. If you do decide to visit Istanbul, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Tourist sites, major events, transportation hubs and popular locales like restaurants and nightclubs are most prone to terrorist attacks. Also, avoid protests, gatherings, and demonstrations, and keep tabs on local news.

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